3 Bathroom Clothing & Accessories to Enjoy Your Me-Time

ROCKAN white bath robe

Bathrooms are one of the most important parts of your home, and they need to be roomy, have a pleasant, calm energy, and have a fresh feel. A zen-like bathroom is vital for starting your day off right, ending it calmly, and treating yourself to some me-time and self-care days with a relaxing bath for example. You don’t have to be worried, though; none of this needs a full bathroom overhaul. Here are some practical bathroom clothing and accessories to consider if you want to create a zen, stress-free retreat in your bathroom.

Mirror with Integrated Lighting

This bathroom vanity mirror is designed with a minimalist look in mind. Its sleek design makes it the ideal addition to your modern bathroom and is equipped with integrated LED lights that will spread a soft light all over your bathroom and will illuminate all the important things. Plus, it will let you check clearly every spot on your face to enjoy your facial time to the maximum.

Bath Robe

Whether you like to snuggle up in a robe after a long bath or if a robe is your favorite item to throw on during your daily ritual, the ideal bathrobe is a soothing need. Robes crafted of high-quality fabrics can last for years, so choose one you know you’ll appreciate before buying.

This gorgeous robe has a comfortable fit for those long, leisurely mornings at home, with soft terry on both sides, adjustable belt loops, handy side pockets, and easy-to-move sleeves. Your me-time can’t get better!


Everyone needs at least one pair of comfy slippers after a long and tiring day to relax their feet, so consider wearing a soft slipper after a hot bath. However, cold feet are not enjoyable. To complete your spa-like experience, place these slippers by your bath.

With these bath essentials, you’ll get an extra dose of comfort when washing away the tiredness of everyday life with a relaxing shower or an indulgent bath.


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