3 craft sessions for the winter break

The holidays are fun, but kids are bound to get a bit restless around the house waiting for exciting things to happen. If you’re looking for some fun holiday crafts to try out with them, look no further!

In consultation with IKEA experts, we present these top 3 easy activities you can do this winter!

Ice Candles

Beautiful and mesmerising enough to get the kids excited, ice candles will turn your garden into a winter dream. Try these out, even though they might be quick to melt!

What you’ll need:

  • Mini plastic tub, bucket, or a beach pail
  • Tin can/plastic mug
  1. Create the mould by filling the bucket, cup or pail with cold water. Place the tin can or plastic cup in the centre, making sure to weigh it down with rocks, but not enough to sink it.
  2. Place in freezer until solid. Then carefully remove the block of ice from the bucket, you might have to run it under a bit of warm water to do this.
  3. Remove the tin can from the centre, fill it with warm water if it’s a bit hard to remove.
  4. Once these have been removed, place a small candle at the bottom of the well that the tin which was made and you have got your ice candle!

Snow ‘globe’

Whimsical and lovely, even though this isn’t exactly a ‘globe’, this is also a quirky alternative to classic Christmas ornaments.

What you’ll need:

  • Small food jars with lids (IKEA has loads of options to check out)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tiny toys or ornaments that fit inside the jar
  • Water
  • Coloured glitter of your choice
  • Ribbon
  1. Using the glue gun, help your kids glue ornaments or toys to the inside of the food jar lid.
  2. Fill the jar with water and add the glitter.
  3. Place the lid on the jar tightly.
  4. Tie a ribbon to the lid’s edge to seal it and you have yourself a snow globe!

Pine cone ornaments

Add in some DIY pieces by your kids to the Christmas tree this year!

What you’ll need:

  • Pinecones
  • Tiny pom poms
  • Ribbons
  • Hot glue gun
  1. Dab a little glue to the underside of each branch on your pinecone
  2. Get the kids to stick a pompom onto each glob of glue.
  3. Glue the ribbon securely onto the top of the pine cone. Et voila!

We’re sure you and the little ones will have a blast with these craft sessions!


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