3 lighting ideas for your Ramadan decoration

If you are thinking of decorating your home for this Ramadan season, you probably have interesting elements in mind such as cushions, plates, or vases with related patterns to embellish your spaces.

There is one important factor that can elevate your decoration to another level, and that is lighting. Adding the perfect brightness to certain spots can make your space shine and fill it with harmony, elegance, and cosiness.

If you forgot to bring light decorations for this season, take a look at these three lighting ideas for Ramadan decoration!

Light and decorate with candles

Candles are our perfect solution for useful and decorative elements to place in our spaces. Their versatility in shapes, heights, and designs can elevate your rooms with sophistication and style.

Using a candle dish, you can place two to three candles and illuminate your center table, creating interesting shadows in your room. You can use serving metallic trays with Islamic patterns and place candles on them to create a festive atmosphere in your home.

The advantage of using candles is that you can place them in specific spots to brighten them and have, as a result, a warm but gently illuminated area.

Decorative table lamps

If you are looking for something that can be used to enhance both your outdoors and indoors, decorative table lamps are a great option. They provide your space with warm light and are a great addition to enhance the illumination of any area in your living room, or as the centerpiece of your dinner or coffee table.

There are many designs that can add Ramadan vibes to your interior décor. You will find everything from modern and battery-operated glass table lamps to traditional and famous lamps. Both are must-haves to your decorations and will give you the illumination and festive mood needed during this holy month.

Light strings

Light strings are synonymous with festivity and special occasions. LED light strings are a useful and beautiful way to adorn your spaces, from decorating your walls to setting the table.

For the center table, you can use a transparent vase and fill it with light strings to create an eye-catching piece that will light up your home with joy and happiness!


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