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It’s that time of year again where at IKEA we go through the old and plan for the new. With a study into design trends for 2019, here are some concepts you might want to consider to freshen up your living room for the coming year.

  1. Materials, Materials, Materials!

    With technology making it possible to create furniture and fixtures out of materials the past could only dream of, we are mesmerised by how materials are used to produce unique pieces of furniture, and this trend is going to be even bigger in 2019.

    Speaking of materials, Terrazzo is back! And it’s no surprise, as the popularity for modern design shows no signs of dying down. Surfaces, especially decorative ones, are created from this beautiful composite material made of chips of marble quartz, granite and glass that gives it the playful spirit we all enjoy.

  2. Colour of the Year

    When Pantone announces their colour of the year, there is always a buzz of excitement in the air. In 2019, it will be Nightwatch green, a lush and moody alternative to the hunter green. This is bound to work perfectly with the dark finishes everyone has been loving this year.

    Since it is a bit on the dark side, maybe you might not want to go all out, so consider working the colour into the little details of the room such as textiles and rugs, which is just as impactful as painting the walls green.

  3. Compact and Multifunctional

    At IKEA, we appreciate a good compact and multifunctional piece of furniture. That’s why most of our series are designed to bring you convenience.

    Designers are quickly catching up to the need for furniture that is smart and works for different things, able to fit into limited amounts of space. 2019 is well on its way to embracing the need for adaptability and the challenge of fitting a lot into a small space.

  4. Statement Ceilings

    We always think about the walls and the floors and the windows, but in 2019, design trends are giving the ceiling the attention it deserves! Worrying about paint shades for your walls should move to the bottom of the list, and instead, turn your focus to a reimagined ceiling.

    Visually enticing and way more impactful than we can imagine, lacquering it up or painting it in a mural is a wonderful way to make any room feel larger, brighter and more memorable.


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