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4 Dining Tables to Consider for Your Next Apartment

dining table for your next apartment

There are many different things to think about when purchasing a dining table because it is one of the most frequently used and possibly the most significant pieces of furniture in the home. A dining table is undoubtedly an investment piece of furniture, but if you choose the correct one, it may last a lifetime, proving the adage “buy well, buy once” to be absolutely accurate. A dining table, which is regarded as the focal point of any house, should be chosen for much more than just the chairs it will go with. We are aware that it may feel very overwhelming, particularly if you are unsure of where to begin. We’ve assembled our dining table buying guide with all the information you require because of this.

Round Table

circle-shaped dining tables soften the space and the ambiance. This table shape is appropriate for any type of home, from rustic wooden models with a rounded pedestal leg in a country cottage to modern models with walnut coatings for a penthouse apartment. The circle dining room table’s capacity to seat many people around it is another benefit. You can arrange the seats arm in arm all the way around because there are no edges to limit the number of seats. Even a tiny dining table has the capacity to accommodate a sizable dinner party, and the shape’s informality fosters conversation. But a round dining table doesn’t have to stay in the casual category; you can dress it up or down depending on the tablespace you use.

Square Table

A rectangle dining room table and a square dining room table have a lot in common in that they both give a space’s decor strong form and clarity. There are a few glaring exceptions, though. Since they can be pushed up against a wall and moved out of the way, if necessary, these dining tables are typically the finest space savers. Use angular, armless dining chairs so that they will glide under to take up the least amount of space possible on the floor. You now have a square dining table and chair set that is ideal for a tiny space. A square table will work better if you want to create a more intimate dining setting but the lines of a rectangular table appeal to you. However, if you pick a large square dining table, you’ll lose the proximity of place settings but get a modern statement in the space because this size and form of table are uncommon choices with significant impact.

Oval Table

Oval and circular tables have similarities to rectangular and square dining tables. With two sides that are straighter and the ends that are rounded, this type of table gives the best of both worlds. It is a balance between a rectangle and a circular shape. Choose chairs with cove-backs so that arcs continue to enhance the fluidity of an oval’s design. If you want a long, narrow dining table, an oval is a suitable alternative, just as a rectangle. However, circular shapes are often on the larger side and are better suited to large dining rooms or kitchens if you’re looking for a dining table for a limited space.

Drop- leaf table

To accommodate more family, friends, and visitors, dining tables can be extended with an additional leaf or leaves. Most leaves are made of solid wood, or from solid wood with a veneer top. For formal dinner parties, vacations, and family gatherings, an extension also offers extra surface top area for extra food trays and beverages. An extensible table has several benefits. Small dining or kitchen spaces are perfect for a circular table with drop leaves.


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