An outdoor kitchen island gives you more flexibility, so you can take your cooking sessions into the backyard and outdoors this summer. For our barbecue enthusiasts looking to do and achieve more with a little outdoor kitchen island, we have some tips and for the ultimate setup, whether you are on a budget or not.

1. The Portable Island

If you don’t have the space for a permanent fixture in your backyard, a group of portable tables and a grill with wheels will get the job done just fine.

IKEA offers a range of portable kitchen islands that will fit all of your needs. These islands also act as a trolley and come with the option to hold storage underneath.

These portable wonders can be grouped together, offering you sections so you have a designated area for all the prepping you need to do: One for the grill, one for the salads, one for the cutting, and one for the cold stuff.

2. The Permanent Island

If you have space and the budget and are looking to install something permanent, the first step is to decide which appliances you would like to incorporate. That way, you’ll know just how big the island should be.

As the primary part of your outdoor kitchen, the island will determine where you need to put appliances such as a separate grill or a counter for dining.

Adding a sink, storage and a small refrigerator is important.

Remember: an island is always accessible on all four sides! Make sure you have enough space to move around and socialise.

3. Storage

It is not so much fun when you have to keep running back indoors to grab something you have forgotten, leaving food cooking on the grill, only to come back to some charred veggies and meat.

So, a good outdoor kitchen island has to have enough storage to hold the necessities.

Make sure to get a couple of bins for the charcoal, a container for things that need to be washed later, an icebox for the cold stuff, and a tray or two for anything else you might need to keep outside within quick reach.

4. Keep it covered

Whether it’s a portable island or a permanent one, the weather forgets to be good sometimes.

So, it is essential to get a cover or shade to keep your mini kitchen covered when not in use to avoid build-up of dust and dirt over the months.

With these four simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to being the kings and queens of barbeques this summer!


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