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There are times when it feels like the dining room has become the dumping ground of the house. Do you find that your dining table is where everyone dumps all their belongings? Do you find that you rarely eat meals there, and instead eat in front of the TV or computer? Has it been ages since you had a family meal at a well-presented table, with everyone actually talking to each other and appreciating the delicious effort you put in?

Then maybe it’s time to give your dining space a simple makeover! Creating a pretty and inviting dining space adds much more than another beautiful corner to your house – it gives your family a space that brings them together. With just the tiniest bit of effort, this space can become the most loved room in the house.

Here are 4 modern dining room ideas from IKEA experts that you can try if you’re looking to revamp the space this season:

1. White & Artsy

Easy to accomplish and always a crowd-pleaser, turning your dining room into an all-white landscape is a dramatic and pleasing change.

Use white tablecloths if you can’t paint your table white, and use white chairs and crockery to complete the look.

Adding statement pieces of art to the room will really enhance its modern feel while also giving it the right amount of colour and style.


2. Skylight Splendour

If you have the means and opportunity, a great way to modernise and completely transform your dining space is to add a skylight.

The modern home is airy, well-lit and uncluttered. Adding a skylight will bring in all these elements, perfectly revamping the look and feel of a cramped dining space.


3. Drama, Drama

If you’re constrained in terms of space and scale, all you need are a few dramatic touches to really bring your dining room to life.

Invest in some interesting lighting – a cool bubble lamp, interesting mirrors, or even shiny, eye-catching décor pieces artfully arranged.

IKEA has loads of cool items you can browse and take your pick from. Anything that adds some dramatic flair is a good touch.


4. Window-side Wonder

Small doesn’t mean drab or stuffy! If you live in a limited space and have placed your dining table squarely in the middle of your home, consider moving it right next to the largest window you have.

Use a bench that’s pushed up against the wall instead of having chairs on one side, and watch how this sweet, new corner turns into the house favourite.

With these simple hacks, your dining room will soon turn into a cosy corner for the whole family to spend time together in – exactly what it was meant to be.


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