4 Moving Supplies You Will Definitely Need

PAPPIS brown Box with lid

Most people fear moving, but you may plan beforehand to make the process go as smoothly as possible. The struggle of moving is not over after you get at your new home. Most of your time is spent packing. Getting the necessary supplies is the first stage in the relocation process. By gathering your moving goods in advance of the big day, you can save money, time, and anxiety. When moving day finally arrives, you’ll be concentrating on the job at hand rather than gathering packing materials. We advise buying moving supplies in advance, at least a few months. Here are our must-have packing essentials for a simple relocation process. Take notes to save your time.

1. Box with Lid

You’ll need boxes, and lots of them, first and foremost. Make sure your boxes have lids if bad weather is a concern to keep their contents tidy and dry. Although plastic moving tubs are rentable, cardboard moving boxes are still the norm for movers. When choosing boxes, consider the sizes of the products you’re packing. When in doubt, avoid overpacking boxes because they are difficult to transport and risk damaging personal items. To get around this problem, buy moving boxes with lid in several sizes, including small, medium, big, and extra-large. Smaller boxes are required for fragile or heavy items, or items you’d like separated, whereas larger boxes are used for light to medium weight items. Bulky yet light objects like blankets, clothing, or pillows are stored in extra-large boxes.

2. Carrier Bag

These tiny bags are perfect for storing shoes and folded clothing. When utilizing carrier bags for transportation, just remember to roll your clothing. These bags can be even reused for shopping, laundry or traveling. With IKEA carrier bags with striped handles in 2 lengths, you’ll add a touch of fashion to your style.

3. Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags are reusable storage bags and an excellent method to pack away clothing while keeping them dry and protected from dirt. You may store your clothes, pillows, towels, or any other item you wish to keep clean and neat. All you need to do is fill the vacuum-sealed bags and suck out all the air – and they shrink into flat packages in a flash! Once you’re done with them, they come back to their small size and take a tiny space until the next use. They are also useful when changing your wardrobe from a season to another.

4. Storage Case

Storage cases are the ultimate solution if you are searching to stack cases in the closet or under your bed, while keeping their content brand new. These spacious cases keep seasonal clothes, sports equipment or extra duvets and pillows in safe storage until you need them again. And when they are empty, you can fold them into a flat package.


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