4 Necessities for Your Eid Set Up

One of the most exciting things about Ramadan is enjoying the magic and happiness that Eid brings and preparing in advance for everything we need to celebrate this beautiful festivity is highly recommended. From the food menu and decoration ideas to the guestlist, Eid is a once-per-year occasion that is always unique and special.

If you are hosting the upcoming Eid, don’t miss out on this list of four necessities for your setup!

The perfect dinnerware

Most likely, you will receive a large list of guests at home during Eid, and it involves a lot of people eating and trying the different options of delicious food you are offering, so make sure you have enough plates and side plates.

Eid is that special occasion where you can use that elegant dinnerware set you have in storage. If you don’t have one, you can always use your daily dinnerware set and consider adding some side plates with elegant patterns. There are many options for designs, so think about your favorite mood and match it with your home interior decoration.

Jar with a tap for juices

A jar with a tap is the perfect addition to your Eid setup. It is helpful and decorative as well, and it will help your guests easily refill their drinks during the festivities. It is ideal for filling with a large quantity of your favorite juice or drink.

This jar will elevate your set up with an interesting look and can be used indoors or outdoors as a beverage dispenser. Fill it with lemonade or something more exotic, add slices of your favorite fruits and embellish your table. You will impress your guests!

Serving plates

During Eid, you will be serving a large amount of food, and it is critical to have serving plates on hand to distribute the food properly. Serving plates are ideal for making a statement with your table setting, and you can always add a unique touch by using dazzling designs to add sophistication and style to your gatherings.

Don’t hesitate to bring different sizes of serving plates; they are always useful, especially when in a hurry!

Teapots and cups

Eid is not only about food but also about delicious coffee and tea. Make sure to have a set big enough for cups with a teapot to serve your guests the drinks after dinner. You don’t want to run out of cups and have your guests settle for less!

If you want to give personality to your setup, bring an arabesque or Moroccan-style teapot with matching cups. These styles perfectly fit with the Ramadan season and will give your guests a nice vibe to enjoy the special Eid evening even more.

Remember that the most important thing about the holy Ramadan is to enjoy quality time with your family and friends, as it is the celebration of a month full of prosperity and union. Fill your home with creativity and joy and be ready to receive your guests this Eid!


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