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Just as you update our wardrobes every season, your rooms may need the occasional refresher too. But you don’t have to go all out and buy new furniture: just changing a few elements, from bedsheets to curtains to rugs and other fabrics, will do the trick!

However, it’s always important to coordinate textiles to achieve that cohesive look. Mixing and matching might sound overwhelming, but really, there are only a few things to keep in mind to enhance the interiors of your home this summer.

Here are IKEA’s top 4 tips!

  1. Coordinate colours

    Having your preferred colour palette is important, so a bit of colour theory study helps.
    If the base of your interiors is neutral, then you can choose any accent colours that you like.
    However, if you have gone for a bolder choice, choose shades that are deeper or lighter than the base. This way, it will not be visually conflicting to the eye.

  2. Picturesque patterns

    Most textile sets come with their own expert pattern scale and colours. So, regardless of your preference, the sizes of the patterns are more important than you think.
    Always start with the largest pattern, then pick out a few colours you like from that to choose your second size of patterns, and so on. This way, refine your selection further as you go, finally arriving at the smallest, most detailed patterns.
    It’s important to consider your style of patterns as well: different prints, such as organic or geometric, add to the overall aesthetic in different ways.

  3. Terrific textures

    Colours and patterns matter, but so do the textures of the materials, making the room feel more grounded.
    Texture is not only important for the feel of the material, it essentially adds to the way something looks as well.
    Comfort is key, so ensure that you are comfortable with certain textures. From fuzzy flannels to satin, once you have your base layer decided, it is easier to add to it for a complete sensory experience.
    Remember: Rough textures tend to look much heavier, while smoother ones help generate a sleeker look.

  4. Channel your inner style

    You might opt for a full change or to just add a few elements. Just remember: when it comes to mixing and matching, it is totally up to you and what you find most comfortable.
    There are endless choices you can make to compliment your style, so make sure it’s comfortable, beautiful, and that you are getting the most out of these seasonal refreshers.


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