4 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets

white vase to decorate your kitchen cabinets

There are some spots in our homes that seem to call for decoration, but they are usually a little… inconvenient. The side of the entrance door’s wall, or that empty space beneath the steps. Additionally, the area above the kitchen cabinets seems to beg for something, but what? Filling the space above the cabinets might be the solution if the styling in your kitchen seems to be missing in some way and needs just the right element to create a finished effect. In reality, there are countless options for decorating that space, as shown by designers, bloggers, and Instagram users. You can make use of the space above the cabinets for anything from antique art to useful storage.

Showcase the special collections you have:

You might enjoy collecting special products, but if you don’t have a designated space for them, you might keep the items stashed away in a closet or the basement. Look at the area above your cabinets if you haven’t been able to find the ideal location to display your collection. Your collections will naturally draw attention upward because they stand out in their own unique way. The ideal items to place above cabinets are vases, old letters, and even books. Another great idea for filling the space is a row of pitchers stuffed with fake flowers. However, you want to make sure that the objects are big enough so they can be seen from below.

Create spaces for handy items:

We regularly run out of space despite the size of the kitchen and the amount of storage we might have. The excess rolls of paper towels might not have a place to go, and the vintage kitchen scale might not fit in a cupboard or on the countertop. The area above the cabinets can be useful in this situation. Display extra cake stands, trays, and kitchenware while incorporating a few decorative items to add visual interest. For a sleek appearance, stick with a single color scheme.

Create a collection of art:

A timeless, attractive addition to any house is a gallery wall. Although they are classic and ageless, it’s interesting to see a gallery presented in a novel or unusual fashion. An intriguing image is created by leaning a collection of pieces of art with similar styles against one another and the back wall. Uniformity is also produced by using the same frames. This design feature is rather simple to implement and pleasing to the eye, whether it is a collection of old oil paintings or black and white photos.

Put up artificial plants:

Artificial plants might seem outdated to you since they remind people of the 1980s kitchen décor, which included climbing vines draping over the tops of cabinets. However, gorgeous, lifelike artificial plants are now available that will give any place a contemporary feel. Adding a few plants of the same design will keep the space appearing clean and fresh. A little greenery in the kitchen is always a welcome addition. To bring everything together, place a couple other, comparable arrangements on the dining table and counter.


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