While Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays, people sometimes miss the point about – or don’t really know – why it is celebrated. It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of decorations and gifts, say the IKEA team, that you often don’t take the time to think of what the season is about.

Kids pick up on what they see around them easily. So, they often assume receiving things is what Christmas is about, with no thought to what they can give. So, what can you do to get your kids to understand the true spirit of Christmas?

Here are four ways you can consider teaching them:

1. Let Your Light Shine

Talk to your kids about the goodness within the human heart and tell them that every time they do something kind, they allow their light to shine through. It could be as simple as saying ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’, helping mom do the dishes or taking the dog for a walk. Remember to let your kids know when they’ve done something nice.

2. Mindful Gift Lists

Instead of letting your child ask for just anything and everything they fancy, give them a simple guideline for the kind of gifts they’re allowed to ask for. Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. And that’s it. This teaches them that Christmas isn’t a time for instant gratification – it is a time to ponder on what you have and be grateful for it, and a time to be mindful about what you want.

3. The Joy of Giving

The truth is that not all parents can afford to buy their kids a lot of presents. Talk to your children about this and ask them to pick out five toys that they are willing to donate this year. Letting go isn’t easy, particularly for little ones, so make sure you talk to them about it for a few days and give them a few days to pick out what they’d like to give away. Make sure you thank them for shining their light when they do, too!

4. Enjoying Charity

Enrol at a local soup kitchen, volunteer at a pet shelter, take a trip to an orphanage and

organise games and snacks… Give back to the community in whatever ways you can think of, and make sure you involve your children and show them how enjoyable it can be to be selfless.


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