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If you find yourself in a tough spot on Valentine’s Day (like many before you) because you forgot all about it…don’t worry. The best thing to do if you want to get back into your loved one’s good graces is to hit that sweet spot: literally.

Desserts are some of the best peacemakers around, but if you’re really pressed for time and can’t think of anything quick, IKEA’s lovely minds have put together these simple last-minute Valentine’s desserts you can whip up in a jiffy!

1. Strawberries & Cream Sheet Cake

Add a Valentine’s Day touch to an old favourite!

  • Start by adding red food colouring or strawberry puree to a fail-proof sheet cake recipe. Then top with whipped cream.
  • Pour it into a heart-shaped mould and you’ll have the perfect V-day cake with close to zero extra effort.

2. Red Velvet Fudge

Can there be anything cuter than this?

  • Melt cream cheese, white chocolate and milk chocolate chips together.
  • Then, mix in powdered sugar and red food colouring, and you’ll have the most eye-catching Valentine’s dessert in no time!
  • Throw in a humourous gift too, and it’ll be the icing on the cake!

3. Salted Caramel Strawberries

Give old chocolate a break this year!

  • First, grab a bowl full of strawberries and your favourite brand of caramel sauce (we love salted caramel).
  • Just dunk each fruit into the caramel and bung it in the fridge for a while.
  • When you’re ready, take it out, crush some nuts and roll the caramel-covered treats in them for added texture and nutty favour.

4. Heart-Shaped Fruit Platter

The laziest, easiest way to work your way out of a Valentine’s day situation!

  • Grab loads of fruits that your loved one adores.
  • Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, create a platter of fresh fruit that’s all heart-shaped.
  • PS: This is also a kid-friendly idea, so if you have little ones running around who absolutely will not let you do anything without offering to help, here’s what they can be helping you with.
  • Arrange the fruit hearts into neat little rainbow rows on a tray for brownie points.

5. Crispy Chocolate Hearts

Another cute solution to melt his or her heart!

  • Take your and your partner’s favourite rice cereals or marshmallow treats.
  • Crush them and mix with a little peanut butter or Nutella.
  • Then hand-shape them into cute little hearts.
  • Watch your loved one melt into a pool of adoration.

And that’s it! Try any of these and all will be rosy in no time!


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