5 Bar Accessory Must-Haves for Every Home

Having the perfect bar set-up at home needs a fair amount of thought. Should you go for a quiet corner with a low table and some chairs, or go all-out and invest in fancy glasses and the whole shebang? Whatever you choose, there are some accessories you simply can’t do without. That’s why we asked IKEA experts to give us a lowdown of absolute must-haves – and boy, did they deliver!

A cocktail shaker:

A freshly made cocktail just tastes different, don’t you think? Shaking your cocktail adds a dash of oomph to the drink. That’s why you should always have one in your bar area (and the basic ones aren’t expensive at all!).

A muddler:

Muddlers are great for crushing together fruit or ice or herbs into your drink. They make your cocktails ‘oh-so-tasty’, and make you look like a pro when you’re using one too. Using a spoon just doesn’t have the same aesthetic.

All-purpose glasses:

Also known as stemless wine glasses, these are great for just about any drink. They save a ton of space, are easy to handle, and are extremely versatile. Dress them up with a slice of fruit or sugar the rims, and you’ve got a winning receptacle for the delicious drink you just prepared!

An ice bucket with a pair of tongs:

What’s a bar without easy access to ice? Almost every drink you serve will need ice in it, so it makes sense to always have some on hand. Invest in a beautiful ice bucket, or serve your ice in a crystal bowl. Either way, make sure there’s plenty on hand with either tongs or a scoop to pick it up. IKEA has a whole collection of such accessories which are worth a glance.

An understated towel:

That’s right! One of the most useful things you can have on hand while mixing and serving drinks is a clean, crisp towel. Little spills are bound to happen – that’s why the perfect bartender-host should always have a towel handy. It also saves you a lot of trouble cleaning up the next morning!

The humble bottle opener:

It’s a bar essential but you’d be surprised how often people forget about it. Get some simple bottle openers and have them within easy reach. Your guests will appreciate it – and you won’t have to worry in case one gets misplaced!

And that’s it! You’re all set for those breezy summer parties right at home.


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