The Christmas tree is undoubtedly one of the most significant parts of the festive season. However, in today’s environmentally conscious times, not only is it a shame to cut down a real evergreen, one can even argue that the traditional trees are rather boring. But this is one tradition we can’t do away with!

Don’t worry: there are many interesting ways you can make trees, say the designers at IKEA. So here are five alternative Christmas tree suggestions you can consider this winter.

1. Greeting Card Tree

Have a stack of Christmas cards from way back? Ones with too much sentimental value to throw out but don’t really serve any functional purpose? Repurpose them into a tree this year! Just use tape to stick them on a wall of your choice and put your gifts in a jute-wrapped bucket underneath. You can also use a DIY frame in the shape of a coat hanger and tie the cards to the arms.

2. Bookshelf Christmas Tree

Pick out all the green books from your shelf and arrange them in three stacks that taper as you go upward, to form a pretty, book-ish tree. If you don’t have green-coloured books, just make book jackets with green craft paper so all your books can be used to form a big-sized tree. Don’t forget to add Christmassy accents throughout and choose a star or other ornament that can sit on the top.

3. Chalkboard Tree

It’s as simple as painting a large triangle on a piece of plywood using chalkboard paint. Then let your kids go wild “designing” their tree with different-coloured chalk. And the best part about this tree is that you get to redo it whenever you want with just the swipe of a wet cloth!

4. Fairy Light Tree

String several rows of fairy lights into a cone shape from the ceiling. Place a ring of greens at the bottom, maybe a poinsettia in the centre and you have the dreamiest alternative to a Christmas tree you can imagine!

5. Minimalist Modern Tree

If you live in a small space and having anything on the floor isn’t an option, you can decorate your space with a beautifully minimalist version of a Christmas tree on your wall. All you need are some fake evergreens – stick them onto your wall in a triangular shape and decorate with simple bunches of holly. And voila! Christmas is here!


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