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There is no denying that we have gotten so used to spending time at home, and since we are not stopping anytime soon, why not make our outdoors the new indoor! This year’s trends focus on making outdoor spaces a part of our everyday life.

Many of us have found ourselves turning our outdoor spaces into offices, gyms, or even chilling areas, and we want you to continue enjoying these activities from the comfort of your home! Whether you have a tiny balcony, a huge garden, or anything in between, we got you covered!

1. Garden on Balconies

With more and more residential complexes arising, your outdoor space may be limited to small yards or balconies, but do not worry – all it needs is a little bit of creativity! Make use of your outside walls by hanging some colourful plants to help add a little life. Even additions as simple as a table and chairs with armrests can make your space a whole lot more functional and enjoyable!

2. Keep It Neutral

Minimal exteriors are just as popular as minimal interiors. No one ever said that your outdoor living area cannot enjoy a calm, subtle mood. Investing in furniture pieces with neutral shades is a really good idea as the tones naturally blend in with the serene outdoor environment. Not only that, but you can easily pair subtle décor pieces, such as benches with backrests, and some vibrant accessories.

3. Make It Comfy

Outdoor living spaces are all about comfort. It is important that your outdoor space is just as comfortable as your indoor space. If you decide to relax, have a meal, or work on your project outside, then you should feel rested. That is why we believe that it is essential for you to have timeless, yet comfortable outdoor furniture pieces if you want to enjoy your day. Chairs with armrests are key – they scream comfort and never run out of style! You can place them anywhere and they easily match with everything!

4. Outdoor Kitchens

People continue to look for their own comfort and are aiming to have all indoor amenities available outdoors, including a kitchen! If you decide to spend your day outdoors and invite people over, you do not want to be spending your whole time going in and out to the kitchen! Imagine this instead: A cool bar with stools, your very own outdoor fridge, a grill and stovetop, and even a pizza oven! You can also add a dining table and chairs with armrests to enjoy a cosy family meal!

5. Never Forget Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting should not be underestimated! It is a great way to highlight features in your outdoor space, and to illuminate the different paths in your garden for extra safety. Whether you are placing floating pool lanterns, or spotlights, you will surely be giving your space a whole different vibe after the sun sets. Make sure to always install the right kind of lighting outdoors (usually golden and not white), to create a calm and peaceful mood.


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