5 Fun Family Activities to Get Through This Lockdown

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic spread all over the world, we were all locked at home, not working at the offices; children missed their schools and so on. Hence, spending all your time with your kids playing around, watching movies, reading stories and reviewing their studies won’t be as entertaining as you think it is for them.

You get to a stage where you run out of ideas to amuse them. Now, we will help with five fun family activities to keep a positive energy in your household.

1- Let’s cook together

You can benefit from this lockdown by introducing your kids to the kitchen. Make it easier for them to understand functions of every part in it with a play kitchen. It’s a small kitchen with a sink, a stove, cabinets and a few utensils. This way, they will feel as grownups while you manage to actually cook or bake for them. You can thank us later!

2- Puzzle

Puzzle will remain the first game you think of when speaking about amusement for a long period. Puzzle pushes your kid to pay attention to details and leave him entertained for a good time. As a family, you will be very excited when you place the last piece to your masterpiece. In addition, kids will learn more about teamwork and communication.

3- Painting

Some papers, a brush set, and colors is all you need to discover the hidden talents of your kids. Children express their thoughts through drawing and coloring because they are not yet capable of finding the right words. Sit down with your kids, suggest painting a butterfly or a house, and explore with them where their imagination can take them. By doing so you discover their passion and interest. A very calm activity everyone will enjoy!

4- Origami

Speaking of creativity, origami papers are trendy nowadays, for they encourage kids to come up with their own games such as a birds and windmill to place on the window. Cherish those moments of handcrafting. They may be your children’s interest when they grow up.

5- Cards

You may consider cards as an adult game. However, why don’t you try playing “Go fish” with your kids? Strategic card games stimulate their brains and push them to think more. At the end who wants to lose, right? Cards keep everyone entertained and enhance family bonds while creating moments that will last forever.

Stay indoors with your family while enjoying your time with amused kids.


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