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Now that spring is here, can summer be far behind? This would be the best time for that chore you have been putting off for a long time now: organising craft spaces in your kids’ rooms.

Our resident experts at IKEA know how difficult this can be, which is why they’ve put together a few pointers for you.

  1. Practical peg boards

    A great way to start off would be to decide in which part of your kid’s room you want the crafts corner. Once you are sure, browse the vast range of peg boards we have at IKEA and decide what works for your child.

    Put up the peg board first and work the crafts corner around that. Not only are peg boards great to exhibit your little ones’ finished craft pieces, they can also be used to store a number of crafts tools, such as pencils, paint brushes, and scissors.

    Make it colourful with the right accessories and your kids will love it.

  2. Simple storage

    Go for clear jars or stackable transparent boxes of different sizes for craft storage, making it easy for the kids to see.

    If your children are still very young and need to be supervised, make sure you store the messy watercolours and glue higher up where they cannot reach them, while the harmless crayons and colour pencils can be easily accessed.

    A spice rack can be a wonderful option to store smaller crafts items, such as buttons and small spools of thread. Magazine holders are very useful to store crafts paper of varying colours.

    A Lazy Susan (cake or cookie display stand) is another quirky option to hold their crafts materials.

  3. Shelving solutions

    Ditch the boring shelves; jazz up the area with a quirky shelf or an asymmetric one that your kids will love to use.

    If you already have a normal shelf, make it more attractive by colour coding the crafts materials. If space is an issue, worry not. Under-bed storage boxes with caster wheels are something that would turn tidying-up into play.

  4. Crafts table

    IKEA thinks that you could repurpose an old coffee table for this; use the space underneath to store crafts material in wicker baskets to add a touch of country living.

    With younger kids, it might be a good idea to cover up the table top with a colouring paper roll. This way, you don’t have to worry if they colour outside the lines.


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