5 Great Indoor Camping Ideas

The current scenario has thrown many of our outdoor plans out the window. But, necessity being the mother of invention, we must all find ways to work around these restrictions. Of all the activities, heading out for a night of camping is probably one that parents and children may miss the most.

But don’t worry, IKEA has some tips to share to recreate the camping atmosphere right at home. But, before we head to that, one question – what makes a perfect camping night? The answer may invariably revolve around laughter, the pleasure of sitting around a campfire and being close to nature, making s’ mores, and telling scary stories.

Surprising as it sounds, a camping experience is one of the easiest things to recreate – all you need is some imagination, a few blankets, and a well-stocked snack cupboard.

Here are five super simple ideas that’ll give your evening a fantastic boost.

Play Nature Sounds

What could be more authentic than the sounds of crickets chirping, as chilly winds whistling through the pine trees, and a fire crackling away merrily? Several online platforms allow you to download and play these background sounds, to make your indoor camp experience as real as possible.

Use A Real Tent

Another element that can add a real touch of authenticity to your indoor camping experience is to set your tent up in your living room. If this is your child’s first camping experience, it serves as a great trial-run as well, allowing you to figure out if he/she is comfortable with the new setup. If space is a constraint, you can always opt for just sleeping bags instead!

Cook a Camping Dinner

While camping indoors, you might find it most convenient to ask your family to head over to the dining table for their meals. However, we feel that you should try and keep things as close to the real deal as possible.

Consider laying out a large tablecloth in the middle of your “campsite” and eating out of paper plates and glasses. You can even have a batch of pre-cooked s’ mores ready for dessert!


Adding to the “realness” we’re trying to recreate; you can always go the extra mile and add some camp décor. Bring in some giant potted plants, stick glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling for a stargazing session, and light some pine-scented candles… Go as minimal or as big as your imagination takes you!

Most Importantly… Unplug!

Perhaps the most important aspect of the camping experience is our ability to unplug while we’re out in nature. So, remember to keep all gadgets out of the campsite for the evening – no calls, texts or emails.

Dedicate this time to making this experience a great one for both – your family and yourself. Your undivided attention is inarguably the element that they will enjoy the most.


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