5 Ideas to Pack Your Kid’s Lunch Box for School

pancakes for kids lunch

Parents may feel both anxious and excited when they hear “Back to school”. Anxiety as you hurry to the store to get all the necessary school supplies and the dreaded transition back to the era of more rigid schedules, stressful dinnertimes, and homework. However, you may breathe a sigh of relief as you try to organize schedules, fridges, and pantries. This is a fantastic opportunity to set your family up for healthy achievement while the new school year is beginning. School lunch preparation doesn’t have to be a hassle. Children are more likely to consume the food you bring when you pack healthy school lunches. Finding the ideal balance of nutritious foods that kids will eat and like is the challenge. Below is a list of 5 ideas to help you seamlessly pack your kid’s lunch box for school.

Peanut Butter Sandwich:

Although peanut butter and jam is a classic, your child can experiment in the kitchen by changing it up with the correct additions. Banana, peanut butter, and coconut butter sandwiches are favorites. But they could just choose peanut butter and jam, which is fine because it’s a classic. Pair a classic sandwich with classic sides: a sliced apple, a cheese stick, and a cookie make an easy and overall healthy lunch.

Leftover food:

At least once a week, the majority of us prepare chicken, fish, and/or pasta. These three main dishes each make a fantastic school lunch, and they may even be enough for three weeknight meals. For a super-healthy and completely kid-friendly supper, kids can pack leftover chicken with a side of BBQ sauce or ketchup, raw vegetables, fruit, and yogurt.

Breakfast favorites:

Although breakfast for dinner receives most of the attention, who doesn’t like a second breakfast at lunch? All your child needs to do to prepare a breakfast sandwich of champions is toast and spread some butter over their favorite waffles, pancakes, or French toast from the freezer.


Dips make lunch enjoyable as well—they’re not just for parties! Hummus is a staple because it can be produced quickly at home with just the push of a food processor button and is also simple to get in stores. So, it’s simple to always have hummus on hand.

Lunch bowls:

Your child can quickly transform leftover rice, quinoa, ramen noodles, egg noodles, or any other grain into a delicious and totally healthy lunch bowl. In fact, if your children love this concept, you can portion out and freeze a large amount of their preferred rice, quinoa, or grain in freezer-safe sandwich bags. This will enable them to simply defrost up individual servings whenever they need them for a lunch bowl.


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