The kids are back at school, which means your evenings will now become all about organising study time and supervising homework. Jazzing up the study area might be a good idea to inspire more interest.

If you can, go for a complete makeover, but if money is a consideration, just move furniture around and add a few inexpensive touches that can change the ambience.

Here are a few pointers from the design experts at IKEA.

1. Focused lighting
Lighting can be an important mood changer. Kids need bright lights so that their eyes are not strained. However, this does not necessarily mean a very brightly lit room.

Tone down the ambient light and add a few desk lamps that shed focused light on work areas.

Choose fun ones from IKEA that incorporate your kid’s favourite character or story to add more value!

2. Leverage the space
If you have more than one child, this is perhaps a good time to divide up the study into distinct work areas for each of them.

That awkward space under the stair can be turned into a really cosy work area with a little imagination.

IKEA’s vast range of wall-mounted shelves, corkboards, cabinets that can be used as desks, and comfy chairs can work wonders.

3. Visual division

You could use a bookshelf to divide up the areas.

Decorate each work area with that child’s favourite colour or design elements.

Wall decals, posters, graffiti art, or hand-painted creations of each child are inexpensive ways of adding character to individual spaces.

4. Cosy corners

If you have a big room, go the extra mile and also provide a cosy corner for downtime activities such as reading.

Use opposite sides of the room as study space for each child and use the space next to a window or one corner of the room for a common area where they can unwind.

A comfortable couch, rocking chairs, or beanie bags would heighten the effect.

5. Storage
Organise separate storage areas for each child. Again, use favourite colours, characters or designs to jazz up this spot.

Ensure that each child has enough space for books, baskets and containers for craft work, and cork boards and tacks for pinning up.

If your children have loft beds, the space below can be utilised as a work space or for storage.

Use these and more tips from IKEA to make study and homework time a breeze!


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