Love them or hate them, bathrooms are spaces in which we spend large chunks of our lives. And more so if you’re a kid! From washing innumerable muddy palms to the countless hours spent potty training or learning how to brush teeth properly, a bathroom is a place for all kinds of fun and entertainment.

So how can you turn this space from mundane to downright magical? The simplest touches can make a world of difference to your little one. Little bits and bobs, like the ones offered by IKEA, are a sure-fire way to achieve just that!

1. Hooded Animal Towels

Nothing gets a kid’s imagination going quite like a good game of dress-up. Warm, soft, hooded towels with animal heads are both practical and fun: a win-win situation for both parents and kids.

2. Quirky Printed Bath Mats

For those moments when your kid rushes out of the bath to watch her favourite show, or rushes in without taking her shoes off, these bath mats add a burst of colour to their space while simultaneously helping to keep it clean.

3. Fun Shower Curtains

Once the shower is turned on and the curtains are drawn, the bathroom turns into a place where your kid’s mind and imagination can run free. Wait a minute, is that an elephant behind you?!

Check out IKEA’s Africa-inspired shower curtains to add that essential bit of fun to any bathroom.

4. Interesting Wall Lamps

Keep the lighting non-traditional and invest in cool options like wall lamps with adjustable light settings. This is especially useful if you share the bathroom with your kids: just turn the light down whenever you want to calm the mood.

5. Display Stands

Help your kids organise their bathroom paraphernalia by storing or displaying them in a fun way. A display stand is excellent at keeping toothbrushes separate from rubber ducks, and body lotions away from the bubble bath!

Other ingenious ways to make a bathroom fun include using an interesting shape for the mirror, having foam animals or letters of the alphabet stuck to the tiles, or even coming up with offbeat bath-time activities – like using a few drops of safe food colouring in their bubble bath.

Remember, your imagination is your only limit when it comes to giving your kids a truly enjoyable space at home!


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