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Have you ever been to someone’s house, exchanged pleasantries, looked around for inspiration to start another conversation, and come up with nothing? Bland living rooms with nothing but furniture and a TV can be very boring.

Your living space should be an extension of your personality and your tastes. How can you make your living room a place where conversations flourish? Interesting conversation pieces can be the answer, say IKEA experts. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it right:

1. Art
A piece of art on the walls of your living room would be a great place to start.

This need not necessarily be an expensive piece. If you are a fan of the classic greats, think of getting the print of your favourite painter. A Rembrandt or a Constable on the walls would definitely initiate a conversation on painters, styles and periods.

If not, an oversized piece of abstract art can be a nice addition to your living room, as can a piece of graffiti art.

2. Books
If you are a bookworm, make sure to place a bookshelf in your living room. IKEA’s extensive collection includes different types of bookshelves to suit every style, so take your pick!

This can act as a showpiece holding your prized first editions, autographed copies, or large coffee-table books.

Just make sure that you have books that cover a wide range of topics so that conversation doesn’t turn tedious for non-readers.

3. Craft
If you are into any of the crafts, include an example of your chosen craft in the living room.

A rocker with colourful embroidered upholstery or cushions in the midst of beige or neutral furniture will definitely invite comment.

A piece of tapestry, handicrafts or a piece of tribal weaving that is a souvenir from your travels would also be a great addition.

4. Lights
Lights ­can be another way of personalising your living room.

Chandeliers can be quite the conversation piece. Browse IKEA lights online and choose a chandelier with colourful crystal accents or go for Tiffany-style lampshades.

5. Travel
If travelling is your passion, an outsize world map with your pictures tacked in at the places you have been can be a wonderful showpiece.

Not only do you get to exhibit your pictures, but you also get a chance to tell people wonderful tales of your travel.

Other significant conversation pieces could be a showcase that holds your travel memorabilia, a water feature, or quirky showpieces.


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