The entertainment area is undoubtedly the heart of every home – it’s where the whole family gathers to watch a football match, where the kids cuddle together for movie night and where anyone looking for a spot of relaxation eventually finds themselves at.

While most homes are happy to have this space dominated by their entertainment systems, there’s so much more you can do with this space, especially if you take some inspiration from IKEA designs.

Here are five ways in which you can design your entertainment area with minimal effort.

1. Go Rustic

You can use reclaimed wood and pipe pieces to create a shelf that accommodates your television as well as any pictures or curios you may want to display.

Choose light coloured wood for an airy feel, and back the whole thing against a wall to make it seem as if the shelves are floating.

The industrial look that comes from using pipes gives the space an interesting touch and adds to the rustic approach.

2. Floating Shelves

One easy way to amp up the look of your entertainment area without making any major overhauls is to use floating shelves creatively.

Place one above your television, and some around the sides if you have space, and you’ll create the illusion of a whole, built-in wall unit.

You’ll also have more real estate on which you can display your books and objets d’art.

3. Hanging Units

This is a brilliant way to get a lot out of a small space – anchor a sleek entertainment unit to your wall and place the television inside it.

This way, the floor space remains open, and you would have created a frame around your TV, giving it an almost artistic look!

4. Corner Charm

An excellent way to utilise all the space in your room is to position your TV in a corner and to design a console to fit around the corner.

You could even try and get some cabinetry that encloses the TV when it is not in use, making your living space tech-free when it needs to be.

5. Crisp and Clean

Minimalist consoles with modular cabinetry, like the ones you might find at IKEA, are a great way to mix and match to create an inspired, modern feel.

What’s important to keep in mind here is that you should use clean colours to complement the crisp, straight lines that are characteristic of this look.

Whites, blues and greys work wonderfully here.

Go ahead, use these tips to revamp your entertainment area with little effort and even lesser expenditure.


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