Design Trends in 2019 - IKEA Qatar

Wondering which trends are going to be taking over the design world this year? Well, here is your answer. We have curated the wisdom from our folks at IKEA and other design experts to get you an inside look into 2019’s top trends.

This year, expect old, much-loved styles to return, along with new decorating patterns, materials and fresh takes on classics.

  1. Velvet Verve

    Velvet, usually viewed as old and not very comfortable, is now edging itself into the interior world as an icon of luxury.

    Designers believe that this year, velvet pieces will be some of the most sought-after ideas for décor.

  2. Glossy Glamour

    Quite the unexpected trend, but glossy walls are in this year. Designers and their customers have been opting for bright, glossy walls – and we at IKEA have also been seeing a lot of this trend.

    High-gloss paint in an eye-popping colour just might be the thing you need to breathe life into your room this year.

  3. Glorious Galleries

    Art is at the centre of a lot of people’s hearts – and that’s true in the design world too. It’s now a big trend to have walls dedicated to gallery aesthetics inside homes.

    If you’re creating your own gallery, pair large and small frames for a more unique look. It takes a bit of time and effort, but it’s all worth it in the end.

  4. Moody Blues

    Blues are back! And at IKEA, we think this is almost too perfect, as the colour of the year is Living Coral. And coral works perfectly with dark blues, including navy.

    Depending on what changes you would like to make in your rooms, you can either paint the walls or add azure accents throughout the room.

    Blues blend beautifully with brass and bronze too.

  5. Metal Mayhem

    Rose gold was the beloved metal of 2018, and this year we expect to see more of its sister colour, copper. Accents of this metal can be incorporated into furniture and other objects around the living rooms and kitchen as well.

    You can incorporate a side table or even a mirror that can bring this effect into the room without making it feel overly stuffy and metallic.

  6. Vintage Lighting

    The love of old things seems to be coming back into fashion, according to our experts at IKEA. Vintage lighting is one of those things.

    Expect less exposed lighting and more vintage styles in brass and copper tones to rule this year when it comes to lighting trends.


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