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As we count the hours to Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start thinking about cards. With the digital world being our main platform for communication, all messages are digital – but it’s time for a shake-up, don’t you agree?

IKEA suggests you change up the old Instagram captions this year by putting it into a thoughtful and handmade card instead. This February 14, give your loved ones something with a more personal touch.

  1. Heart Shakers

    This is a super cute idea, because the little hearts shaking around in the front of the card are so much fun! Kids are bound to have loads of fun getting involved too!

    You will need a mini heart puncher and several coloured or origami papers to create the little hearts. Use acetate to create the clear front pocket of the card and drop the little hearts in, and voila! A lovely little card everyone will love.

  2. Embroidered Valentines

    It is finally time to use those embroidery skills older family members passed on to you. You can incorporate the design to the front of the card as well as the inside.

    Try embroidering on the little message inside as well if you have the time. That way, you won’t have to worry about messy handwriting either.

  3. Watercolour Heart Card

    Kids can use some watercolours, paper and stencil. Let them get creative with their own works of art for your loved ones!

    The beauty of this is that you can paint almost anything onto the cards, layering different colours.

  4. Button Cards

    This is another great way to get creative. Let the kids decide which shapes they want on each card (hearts are good too!) and go scavenge for some buttons or pretty much anything to glue on to the card.

    Go for a unified theme though; this way, the result is much more satisfying.

  5. Pencil Cards

    These are great for a party, especially if your kids want to make something special for their friends. They will need pencils and catchy lines of text to write on the card.

    They can cut the paper into shapes and then cut slits on either side of the paper, simply poking the pencil through the middle.

  6. Eatable Cards

    Valentine’s Day is for sweet treats, so why not make your loved ones’ cards on a slab of cake or just on a really big cookie? Try different shapes and sizes, baked and sprinkled with lots of love and sugar.

    Our experts at IKEA are sure these will be a treat for the eyes and a great way to combine the need for sweet treats and sweet messages into one!


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