Leaving the warm summer months behind isn’t hard in these parts of the world. With the new season around the corner, it’s time to shake off the heat and prepare for an autumnal home, says IKEA.

With these tips, you can easily furnish your home and the outdoors with seasonal décor that is a lot of fun to put together and a pleasure to enjoy.

1. Throw pillows and blankets

  • If you have no clue where to begin, start by switching up the throws.
  • They set the tone for the space and tie the overall look together, giving it a bit of a make-or-break impact.
  • Bring out throw pillows and blankets in fall styles and colours: going natural is key!

2. Update the bedding

  • As with your pillows and blankets, livening up your bedroom means you need to update your bedding too.
  • The change does not have to be costly or time consuming – you can simply switch your duvet cover and sheets.
  • Top this with decorative pillows as the icing on the cake!

3. Refresh wall space

  • All of us tend to hang pictures and prints up on the walls and never touch them again but changing the little seasonal elements in your home should include your walls too!
  • Put together a gallery wall where you might have previously had only one painting, or vice-versa, to get a brand-new impression.

4. Rug revival

  • Rugs have great potential to set the mood of by tying together a space and enhancing its overall look.
  • For the fall season, opt for darker hues and subdued patterns. But there are no set rules here, you can choose anything that suits your style.

5. Swap the scents

  • Visually pleasing things are great, but scents contribute majorly to the overall style and feel of your home. They leave an impression on anyone who walks into your home.
  • Pumpkin spice and other warm, rich scents, like cinnamon, vanilla and floral aromas, are perfect for autumn.
  • All you need is a candle or a few essential oils, for the ultimate home-scent makeover.

6. Add texture

  • You can enhance texture through little additions like woven baskets, and there is no better season than autumn to incorporate these in your living room or bedroom.

The baskets will not only add a rustic vibe, they will also let you keep blankets and pillows nearby for chilly evenings.


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