6 types of linens you need for the winter

Winter is here, and that means it’s time to change up the linens in your home. You can do this both for decoration purposes or simply because you want to feel cosier.

When deciding on which linens to go for during the holidays, there’s no one better to ask than IKEA’s own designers. So, here are their top picks.

Table linens

  • This is the season of fun, festivities and feasts, so prepare to up the cosiness factor at your gatherings with wonderful table linen.
  • Table linen comes in a variety of designs, so make sure you layer several so that they give your candlelit dinner table some further depth.
  • IKEA has a huge collection of table linen where you can mix and match themes and colour schemes to your heart’s content.


  • Want to cuddle in on a cold morning? Make sure you invest in some fluffy bedsheets.
  • Once again, IKEA has a wide range of bedsheets designed to make sure you get the most comfortable sleep you can.
  • Pick cosy fabrics like cotton which won’t irritate your skin.

Pillowcases and Cushions

  • Pillowcases for your bedroom and cushions for your living room are an important way to add texture and pops of colour to your larger pieces of furniture.
  • Go with standalone pieces or layer several smaller ones to create a magical effect.

Baby Linens

  • If you’ve got kids, we hardly need to stress the importance of having comfortable linen at home.
  • Swap out the usual pastels of a kid’s room for a fun velvet green that reminds them of Christmas trees and Santa’s helpers.
  • You can also go with bright reds that add cheer and will make them think of all the presents they will be opening on Christmas day.


  • Stepping out of a hot shower? Make sure you have that overlarge fluffy towel to wrap yourself in!
  • If you have guests staying over for the holidays, you can never go wrong with having a fresh pile waiting for them when they arrive.
  • IKEA towels are super absorbent and very easy to maintain, so check them out today.

Chair pads

  • Holidays are for sitting in chairs and eating lots of food while being entertained.
  • Chair pads can help you put a comforting touch to the seats that eventually start to hurt your back otherwise!
  • There are many colours and festive designs to choose from, so you can go crazy!

We wish you a cosy and pleasant winter!


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