6 Ways to Mix and Match Cushions


Sometimes you find joy in little details. When revamping a room, especially your living room, you search to make things look extremely perfect, for it welcomes all your guests and holds one of your character traits in every corner. However, adding a lowkey item will make a twist and embellish the whole setup. Cushions are there to let you live this experience and elevate the coziness and warmth of your space. Now, a small discovery will help you sort your mind out for your next purchase.

In the following, you’ll find some ways and tips to mix and match your cushions for an unprecedented décor.

Tone cushions with the general theme

Layout your couch cushions with the color palette you adopted to go along with the general setup. Edgy, glowing covers will render your neutral couch colors more animated while popping your cushions’ patterns. Mingle the unusual with basic choices!

Layer them up

Dare to be different by layering textures from velvet to silk to fur. Combining heavy textures with lighter ones across your cushions will keep your home looking cozy yet modern. Besides, furry cushions will always be there when you need a hug to relieve all your emotions, or somewhere to hide when watching a thriller.

Spice it up with shapes and sizes

Sticking to one shape and size may bring boredom with time. And that’s what will make you reconsider renovating your leaving room. Here’s an idea. Invest in a small amount of money to buy various cushions to beautify your sofas. You don’t need to spend a lot to make some changes.

Adding some catchy covers

Boldness doesn’t have limits. Show your fearless side by adding some metallic shiny covers to maintain a textured and edgy finish if your home consists of earthy, neutral colors. Keep it chic and simple and stick to the monochrome for sophisticated finalization.

Leather for rainy weather

Leather will always boost your home design. Leather cover cushions will leave your sofas to appear chic with a unique trademark. It’s a go-to option if you are having guests or simply in case you prefer luxurious arrangements. Leather is an essential textile during winter, for it guarantees warmth and coziness. Don’t you like it?

Plain colors

You own, definitely, a set on plain colors covers. We all do! So, why don’t you reuse them wisely? Easily, throw them here and there on your sofas, and allow simplicity to reign in your living room. In this case, don’t search outside of the box. You already have everything you need, but with a little magic spell, everything will look contrasting. What a pocket-friendly solution.

All you need is to pay attention to every single detail to select what matches incomparably your general theme and scheme. Cushions are the new undercover superheroes to every makeover. Now, let’s satisfy your taste!

Happy decorating!


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