7 Bedroom Layout Tips

Bedroom Decoration Tips

Let us be fair! The bedroom is probably one of the rooms where you spend most of your time in. It is the room that you try to make comfortable, cozy, yet fully functional! However, it is not always easy to create a simple and practical space, especially in bedrooms. This is because bedrooms must have a bed in it, and a bed takes up a whole lot of space! But, with the right tips, you can create a beautiful bedroom that has everything you need!

Bed Placement.

It is recommended that you place your bed against the longest wall in the room, especially if you have a king-sized bed. And when you do, make sure that you position it at the center of that wall. However, we believe that there is no “one size fits all”, so if you think that your bed must be pushed to one side, then do it! Do not fear asymmetry! But if you decide to so do, then leave yourself enough room to get onto and off the bed comfortably!

If you are low on space, you could always go for beds with storage. In that case, you will have spacious storage boxes under the bed where you can store bedding or clothes.

What goes in front of it?

Create a second focal point in your bedroom facing your bed. You can place furniture pieces like a dressing table with a swivel chair, or maybe an armchair. You could also go for decorative elements like a frame collage or artwork to make it more homely.

What goes next to it?

On each side of your bed, or on one side of it (if you decided to push your bed to one side), you may include bedside tables or nightstands to make it easy for you to place and store necessary items like phone chargers, books, etc.… Do not forget to include a table lamp to add some cozy and warm lighting to your chill zone. Plus, you would be gaining an extra source of light!

What goes on the floor?

It is always cozier to place a rug in your bedroom. That adds some life and warmth to it. You can simply position a rug by your bed! What we like about rugs is that there are many styles, colors, and materials you could choose from! So, it is easy to find one that suits you!

Color Palette!

Color palettes are mostly a personal choice. You may be a morning person and prefer light colors, or you may be a night owl and love darker colors! Neutrals are probably the most popular (and safest) color palette to go for! What is nice with neutrals is that you can easily combine soft colors to create a unified space. We recommend that you always mix and match! Do not go for that dull bedroom set – vary your style, choose neutral colors, but do not forget to add a pop of color (can be through your bedding… hint hint)!

Let the Light Enter!

We know that it is not always an option, but we recommend that you locate your bedroom at the corner of your home. That way, you will have more windows, which means more light and ventilation! This aspect may be overlooked by many but allowing the natural light to peak into your room is a wonderful feeling!

Finally, Take Your Time!

Do not rush into this! When designing your home, especially your bedroom, you want to make sure it turns into a space that reflects you and your personality. It is definitely worth taking some extra time to ensure that you come up with a stunning and appropriate layout!

And here you have it! 7 different bedroom layout tips that you can apply the next time you want to design your bedroom. The above tips and tricks are so useful, yet so easy to implement!

Happy decorating!


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