7 cool ideas to brighten dark rooms

Irrespective of the size or design of your home, have you ever come across that one room that’s always dim and gloomy no matter how you try to decorate it?

Don’t give up just yet: IKEA’s interior design experts have lots of ideas to solve this issue. What’s more, these ideas are not too much hassle in terms of money or effort.

1. Clean windows

This may seem a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how much deep-cleaning your window can brighten up the room.

This means cleaning the glass on the inner and outer sides. Once this is done, the next trick is to magnify the natural light coming in, with curtains.

2. Lighter curtains

If your window doesn’t catch the sun directly, choose lighter shades of curtains. Soft pastels in thinner fabrics allow plenty of light in.

Even within pastels, if you want to be bold, think mustard yellow or leaf green to brighten up your room.

3. Mirror, mirror

This is an old trick: the right placement of mirrors can amplify ambient light in a big way.

The trick is to place a large mirror opposite your window so the light bounces back inside the room, making it seem brighter.

You can also choose a series of small mirrors. These will act both as reflective surfaces and add a stylish element to your décor.

4. Minimalism

Minimalism is the way to go when decorating dark spaces, as it works to lighten the look and feel. Opt for light colours in furniture and in fabrics.

You can break the pattern with bright hues that radiate warmth, especially with cushions and throw rugs.

5. Carpets

A well-placed carpet in bright colours can not only work to define space in a room but can also be a means to add your personal touch to the room while showing off your aesthetics.

Browse IKEA’s collection of rugs and carpets and choose one that fits your room.

6. Bold metallics

Metallics are ‘in’, so don’t hesitate to add a touch of metallic colour – gold or silver – with wall accessories.

Metallic decorative objects will reflect light back into the room, brightening it.

7. Lighting

Place lamps, so the light falls either on the ceiling or the walls. This might seem counter-intuitive but actually works better as the light bounces back to illuminate the room.

With these simple touches, even the gloomiest room will look bright and happy in moments!


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