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It’s summer, the season of light and warmth. As you get ready to enjoy longer hours of sunlight, it’s important that your home remains a well-lit space inside as well as outside. The right lighting not only brightens up your home, it also works wonders on your overall wellbeing and that of your loved ones.

This summer, here are your tips to brightening up your space.

  1. Wonder walls

    Whether you want to go with just one accent wall or change the colours on all of them, bright and bolder shades of paint/accents automatically make any room appear brighter.

  2. Colourful ceilings

    Glossy paint makes light reflect, making the room appear bigger and brighter than it really is. But instead of a wall, experiment with glossy paint on your ceiling.
    This little trick is bound to add an unexpected element to your home as well.

  3. Rustic rugs

    Rugs are an instantaneous way to brighten up any room while highlighting a specific area and adding a touch of personality to it.
    Choose a unique, bright colour that goes well with the rest of your interiors. Explore IKEA’s wide range of beautiful rugs made to fit many different styles.

  4. Mirror, mirror

    Mirrors virtually expand the area of a room, making it seem airier and increasing the amount of sunlight that reflects around the space.
    If you have less-lit or shadowed areas in your home, such as a staircase, hang little mirrors along the wall to make them brighter.

  5. Cut the curtains

    There are many ways to maintain privacy and keep out excess heat from your home without using dark and thick curtains.
    Heavy curtains absorb sunlight and take away from the natural light. They can also make a room musty if not properly aired.
    To avoid all this, incorporate curtains in translucent shades that allow for the light to spread into your home while still protecting you from the worst of the heat.

  6. Clean the windows

    Possibly the easiest to-do out of this list! Clean windows majorly affect how much natural light gets into your home.
    Make sure to invest in a good window cleaning liquid and wipe all the dust and dirt away!

  7. Mind the art

    You may love your art, but it isn’t good for every room in your home.
    Be mindful that dark canvases and wallpaper absorb light, occupying space in a way that does not allow anything to reflect off of their surface.
    Instead, save your heavy artworks for rooms that are not short on light.

  8. Electrify your space

    Electric lights come into play as sunlight dwindles, so it is important to place lights strategically through your home.
    This way, you can ensure that you have the perfect amount of light once the sun sets.
    IKEA experts also say that indirect light aimed upwards does the trick just fine.


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