Add Style to Your Nightstand

Side Table

Homes have upgraded in the last two years, to become home offices, classrooms, and gyms. Therefore, you search for every empty space to store your things. Nightstands are bedrooms essentials to assure you have a clutter-free room. It’s the best furniture you can place to add a unique touch in various ways. But, what about a little twist to transform your nightstand into an entertaining one?

We will offer you some ideas to remodel your existing side table into a glowing corner.

Basic complements

Books and table lamps are accessories that will append modernity to your bedside table. For example, you may place the lamp on the top of the table to lighten up the side of your bed when reading your favorite book, or for a dim light when watching a scary movie with a bowl of popcorn in your hand. Books can play a great fill next to the lamp. They will speak up about your interests when having guests over. However, books do not have to be the ones you are currently reading, but whose covers have a color spine, and can be stacked horizontally to create a “shelf” for another accessory, like a candle or a trinket dish.


Besides books and lamps, plants can make a great addition to your nightstand and the whole setup too. Green elements radiate positive energy, boost your mood, and purify the air. Place your plant in a lively tactile surface pot with a charming pattern that brings out the best in your plants. You can also add a vase with fresh florals, a terrarium with succulents, or simply a conch shell or a polished agate to add a unique pop of an organic element. Now, your side table is the new piece of art in the heart of your leaving room. Greens will make you feel like summer is never-ending again.

Frames and mirrors

If you love paintings or if it’s your hobby, don’t hesitate to expose them on your nightstand in your living room or even in your bedroom. Photos of your loved ones and your endless memories can also have a seat on your side table. This way, you will always have them close to your heart. Why not set a mirror? It will brighten your room and allow you to check your hair every single chance. Don’t let a dull moment slip from your hand!

Nightstands with drawers will definitely hide all clutter away and keep your place tide and organized. Plus, the special touch on the top will recast all the setup and illuminate that forgotten corner in the room. Play with accessories and figure out what suits you better!

Happy decorating!


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