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Summer is when we capture good times with loved ones and create stories that we will tell for years to come. Whether you’re in high school or college, going on a summer holiday or getting married, documenting memories is equally important to everyone.

We appreciate a bit of good ‘ol nostalgia and we know you do too. That’s why we have put together the best IKEA tips to store those memories forever.

A Scrapbook

The first form of documentation that comes to anyone’s mind when you think summer + memories, is a scrapbook.

Scrapbooks are a great way to bring in a fun activity, especially if you have kids. They are also a good way to give them something physical to appreciate in the digital age.

Your children can later show off their cool designs to friends and family, explaining their summer adventures.

A Polaroid Wall

Film cameras and Polaroids are back in the game. And it does not get funnier than trying to compact all the photos we click away on our phones into a single, perfect photo that will capture how special the moment is in its own way.

Dedicate a wall in your home to all your Polaroids, and put them up in a way that fits with different shapes and sizes to avoid it being messy.

A Video Diary

With our phones always in our hands, this one is the type of documentation that is most likely to happen!

You can either choose to film seconds-long snippets of every day, or longer clips of those super-important moments and put them all together at the end of summer to share with your loved ones.

Psst! A Go-Pro will be your best friend here!

A Summer Collection

For those who love collecting little memorabilia from the places they visit, here is your time to shine! Instead of storing them away in a dusty box, you can get creative with a display.

Choose an image that you think represents your holiday well or simply pick your favourite photo, and print it out on a large A3 board or bigger if you wish to.

Get your creative gears on and use this image as the backdrop to your design. Then stick on the little elements in a corner to accentuate the image such as a shell from that gorgeous blue beach or a couple of flowers you picked and pressed into a book.

Whichever way you choose to document your summer, remember, go out and make those memories first!


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