Aromatherapy for your home

In a world filled with tension and stress, our homes act as a refuge. That’s why it’s important to ensure that all the rooms in our homes are oases of peace and calm.

This is where aromatherapy can play a huge role in enhancing the ambience of your home. Here are a few tips, from IKEA, of what scents work best for which rooms.

1. Foyer
The foyer or the entryway to your house should feel welcoming. It is recommended by experts that scents such as cinnamon or orange work best in this area as they are both essential oils that have been shown to reduce anxiety.

Orange contains limonene, which helps ease stress, lowers the heart rate and reduces anxiety. Similarly, cinnamon, with its association of baking and childhood memories of fun times, also fulfils the same purpose.

Vanilla also works nicely in this area.

Other scents that are great for foyers are spruce, holy basil, lemon, and grapefruit. IKEA has scented candles, diffusers and more for you to choose from.

2. Living room
After the kitchen, the living room is the heart of a home. It’s a place where the entire family spends a lot of its free time.

So, this space needs to be welcoming, peaceful yet stimulating, and also lively.

While rosemary oil helps to stimulate creativity and activates our memory, fir needle oil helps to destress and connect to nature.

Frankincense, black pepper, pine, lavender, and eucalyptus are other essential oils that go well in your living room.

3. Bedrooms
The bedroom is where most of us go to wind down, either relaxing or sleeping. Here, you need to choose an essential oil fragrance that you will enjoy the most.

The goal for this space is to conjure an ambience that invites intimacy and calm, one that is romantic yet relaxing.

While women seem to prefer floral fragrances, men prefer citrusy or earthy fragrances. So, a combination of fragrances might work best here.

Think jasmine, roses, or lavender combined with frankincense, patchouli, bergamot, and sandalwood. IKEA also has lively potpourri mixes you can check out.

4. Kitchen
The kitchen is indeed the heart of a home, and you want this place to smell clean.

Citrus and lemon oils work best, as do a mixture of herbs and citruses.

Think basil and lemon or thyme and sweet orange.

Cinnamon, mint, or clove are also welcome fragrances in the kitchen, suggestive of home-made cookies and other enjoyable treats.


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