Arrange Your Books in 4 Different Ways

4 Different Ways to Arrange Your Books - IKEA Qatar Blog

Have you been realizing that your books are starting to pile up again? Well this is your sign to rearrange all the books you own! And do not worry, we like to opt for hassle free methods too! We will be giving you 4 different ways to organize your books to make it easy for you to grab the book you want when you have the time to sit and relax!

1. Organize Your Books by Genre

This is the first, and most important idea to consider when arranging your books. We say this because we believe that with every day comes a different mood. That is, one day you might fancy reading a fiction story, whereas on another day your romantic side may come out! Therefore, when you arrange your books by genre, it will be easy for you to know where to look when you want to grab a book.

Tip: Make sure to pick a bookcase that suits your needs. Bookcases come in different sizes and vary in the number of shelves they have built in. So, the more the books, the bigger the bookcase you will need!

2. Organize Your Books by Color

Another option is to arrange your books by color. This method works if you are the type of person who recognizes a book from its cover. Also, this method can get all fun and creative whereby you can try and go for a rainbow pattern – how aesthetic!

3. Organize Your Books by Author

You can decide to arrange your books by authors in alphabetic order! This works best if you find that you have book collections all written by the same author. Moreover, if you are the type of person who likes to keep their books in a discrete, safe place, we would recommend you use a storage box and use labels to label the different boxes by author.

4. And Finally, Organize Your books Depending on If You Read Them or Not

What we mean here is that we recommend you create two book piles. Let one pile be full of books you have previously read and let another include book you have not read yet. Now for the books you wish to read, place them in a cabinet combination, in the sitting room for instance, near your TV. That way, every time you sit down, you will have your “To Read” books staring right at you!

You have gone through 4 different ways to arrange your books. However, do not feel as if these are your only options! Every book lover has their own way of organizing their book collection, buy we always like to share our tips and tricks!

Happy decorating!


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