5 Bathroom Trends that ruled 2018

Bathroom Décor Trends - IKEA Qatar

With this year drawing to a close, let’s take a quick look at some of the best-loved bathroom trends of 2018.

Simply Spas

Spa-style tubs are here to stay! These cool shapes and calming colours are about to take off a bit more next year, with more and more people seeking interiors and palettes that bring the calm and quiet of a spa right to their own homes.

With rising awareness about the importance of the collective health of the mind, body and soul, this is a trend our experts will believe will carry over from 2018 to the New Year.

Back to Black

With an ode to the modernized aesthetics that have ruled the past couple of years, this new love for dark matte finishes over the traditional gold and brass signifies a shift that might very well last into the next couple of years as well.

Dark finishes offer a contrast to white, bright colours, and here at IKEA, our series of bathroom furniture take on these same elements because we always want to give you the best of the best.

On the Wall

An accented wall, usually acting as the backdrop to the vanity and sink, has become quite the trend. Designers and customers are updating their bathrooms by dropping their fear for bold colours and design, and we at IKEA are on board.

Whether it’s coloured tiles or patterned wallpaper, this trend definitely brought more scale and substance to bathrooms, no matter the size and budget bracket.

Storage on Show

No longer keeping things hidden away in 2018, we saw an increase in customers purchasing shelving for bathrooms in order to display their collectibles, rightfully showing off their personalities.

Shelving makes bathrooms more open and feeling lighter, creating more space in an area that usually feels a bit clustered and closed-off. With baskets, towels and planter pots – this year brought everything out of the dark and into the light.

Natural Beauty

Love for nature is within a lot of us, and this is probably why the design world saw a peak in the love and appreciation for the use of natural and sustainably sourced materials. This is something that is very important for us at IKEA too.

With a boost in wooden cabinets, bamboo sinks or even wallpaper layered with plants and flowers, this year bolstered the deep love of nature that resides in everyone.


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