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Summer is here, and it’s time to start thinking about cooling things down. And just like we change our wardrobe in the summer to get cooler, it’s also important to give your home a similar makeover. Switch up the textiles you use by packing away all those heavy fabrics that soak up the heat and replacing them with some cool choices.

  1. Cool collections

    IKEA offers a range of textiles that are perfect for the summer – and these will cover all your needs, from interior decoration to fabrics ideal for quick picnics or even a day at the beach.

    If you’re planning a little fabric refresh for the summer, start thinking of vibrant colours and textures. Materials that breathe easy and are made of natural fibres rather than synthetics will help you and your home cool down. Textiles that absorb moisture and are breathable are also great for warmer climes.

  2. Summer in style

    So, from our experts, here are the top fabrics to explore in summer:

    1. Linen: Dubbed the ‘summer’ fabric, it is light and comfortable while also having the right amount of texture. You can purchase pillowcases and throws as well as outdoor cushions in this material.
    2. Cotton: This is still one of the most popular summer fabrics. It’s great for bedsheets and duvets, as well as sofa covers and other textiles within your home.
    3. Silk: This elegant material is great for curtains and other areas that allow for the easy penetration of light and air.
    4. Sheer materials: These come in pastel colours, trendy geometric patterns and fun striped designs. All of these can give you some other ways to bring a bit of summer fun into your home.

  3. Chilled out colours

    Bright, colourful shades add to the vibrancy of summer, making your house summery. Yellows, whites, blues and shades of greens are in trend this time of the year. Textiles and fabrics that give off a “tropical” ambience through its prints and colours have remained one of our favourites for quite some time now.

    While textiles are important, be careful not to overdo it with the fabric as that could make the room feel stuffy.

    Here are some unique textiles that you should incorporate in order to enhance your home while keeping it minimal:

  4. Rugs

    Great for some summer comfort, IKEA has a wide range of plush, flat woven, and shaped rugs for you to choose from.
    If you are looking to define an area in your home, rugs are the best way to do it, and summer collections will help you create some definitely cool spots.

  5. Shower curtains

    Surprisingly overlooked despite their ability to keep all that water contained to one side.
    You should also ensure your shower curtains look good from the other side too. Go for some organic patterns that will brighten your bathroom in the summer as well.


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