Best cozy New Year’s Eve party ideas

You can never have too many New Year’s Eve party ideas – even if it’s a socially distant gathering. Whether it’s the food, beverages, music, or even decorations, we spoke to IKEA experts for their suggestions.

Based on what they said, here are some general theme ideas you can try to ring in 2021!

Your very own ball drop 

  • You may not have the chance to catch the ball drop at Madison Square Garden, but you can surely bring it to your home.
  • All you will need is a foam ball and LOTS of glitters.
  • With each hour, guests take turns lowering the ball a bit more.

The bevvie corner

  • With all the dancing, people are bound to get thirsty. So make sure to set up a spot where everyone can go and grab a beverage.
  • This will also ensure that you are not behind the counter all night filling everyone’s glasses!
  • Add a decorative touch to it as well, so it stands out.

Camera backdrop 

  • Everyone loves a good, silly New Years’ eve photo with their pals.
  • Create your own backdrop, complete with gold streamers, balloons, garlands (and really any decoration that your heart desires).
  • Make sure to set up a tripod as well, so guests can place their phones and pose without waiting for someone to take a photo for them!

Confetti poppers

  • As the clock strikes, poppers are a must-have!
  • You can do a quick DIY session and create your own, but if not, there are always places you can buy them.
  • Make sure to place them in a bowl and let your guests know to reach for them as the clock nears.

DIY headbands

  • These can be thematic, or even just funny.
  • Depending on how many guests you’re having over, making your own fun headbands is a great way to welcome the guests and amp up the decorations of the night.
  • These will also serve well, for the photo booth, so make sure to add some much-needed sparkle and colour!

Pick your colours 

  • Whether you are sitting down at the table, with a few close friends, for dinner or hosting a bigger party, you can make it an experience through the little details, such as a colour theme.
  • No matter what you’re decorating with, make sure to pick out a palette first to ensure that it all looks cohesive and welcoming.
  • We think you can never go wrong with gold and black for New Year’s – what do you say?

These simple ideas are sure to make any NYE party exciting and memorable! Have fun!


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