The year 2019 has been an exciting, interesting one in the world of interiors, with people utilising spaces and décor in completely innovative ways.

The trends this past year are worthy of a recap! So here are the best ones we’ve put together, choosing favourites from IKEA’s design experts.

1. Big Plants

Bigger was truly better when it came to indoor plants in 2019. The use of large plants like palms, rubber trees or dragon trees were really big this year. They bring personality to a room and can be used to accentuate living rooms, bedroom and dining rooms alike.

2. The Fifth Wall

People really paid attention to the underused ceiling this year. From painting it in a different colour to using wallpaper to make a statement, ceilings saw a reinvention like never before.

3. Multi-Functional Spaces

You didn’t need to live in a studio apartment to understand the value of multi-functional spaces and furniture. Ottomans with storage space, office spaces that can double as guest rooms, murphy beds – everyone has been tapping into this trend.

4. Warm, Modern Spaces

Gone are the days of cold, clinical modernism. People gave minimalist modernism a warm touch by adding colour, texture and patterns to the traditional modern look. This is one trend we definitely get behind! There’s nothing like a splash of bold colour to really liven up a room.

5. Artisanal Fixtures

People began to utilise local artists and their designs to create very unique atmospheres in their homes. Light fixtures, handmade stools, customised tiles – anything that adds an artsy touch.

6. Velvet Furniture

Odd, we agree. But this fabric which was once shoved aside as old-fashioned made a major comeback in 2019, leading quite a few designers to utilise it to create luxurious and comfortable furniture.

7.Copper Accents

If Rose Gold was 2018’s favourite child, then Copper was definitely 2019’s. Its orange and red undertones, paired with its super-earthy feel, made for a refreshing change in the interior décor scene, which used this metallic touch liberally.

8. Concrete

While many people question why it ever left the construction site, concrete found its way into homes this year, and not just inside the walls. Used as countertops and textured tiles, concrete provides a clean, crisp look that is easy to complement. It was one of the hottest trends in 2019, and one we hope to see more innovative uses for in the coming year!


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