Choose Correct Fabrics that Suit Your Home’s Style

modern living room fabric ideas

Silk velvet, Linen, Leather, Faux swede, Polyester

Whether it’s modern, flamboyant, luxurious or classic, you can play with home decoration in several ways, each with its own charm and appeal.

One sure shot way to make a real difference is by choosing the right fabric – and this is where IKEA’s extensive collection can help you pick something that reflects your personality and is durable and efficient.

Here are some of the best fabric options for your home.

  1. Silk velvet

    • Think luxury, and silk velvet comes to mind. But be careful: consider who will use the furniture and how, because, in a home with pets and kids, it can get stained or otherwise damaged.
    • Avoid silk velvet in high traffic areas like family and living rooms, but a bedroom settee, headboard, carpet or cushion is a perfect place to use it.
  2. Linen

    • If you want to introduce natural textures into your home décor, linen is a beautiful choice. It will keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, since it’s a good conductor of heat.
    • However, it doesn’t offer the level of stain-resistance or wrinkle-free look that a kid-friendly home might need.
    • It is also more expensive than traditional cotton and man-made fibers.
    • Use it on the deck or patio for an airy, light look and feel that’s perfect for outdoor furniture.
    • Another ideal choice is with linen duvet covers and bed sheets.
  3. Leather

    • Not as high-maintenance as you think, because you can clean it with some mild soap and water, and genuine leather doesn’t fray.
    • But leather lasts a long time, so you may want to consider faux leather or distressed leather instead – especially if you plan on changing or revamping your furniture regularly because, let’s face it, having the same things forever can get quite boring!
  4. Faux swede

    • A man-made material using polyester microfiber, faux swede is comfortable and affordable.
    • This makes it better for kid- and pet-friendly homes.
    • Also, because it’s made from tightly woven fibers, faux swede furniture, whether in the living room or the bedroom, can be spot-cleaned at home using water.
  5. Polyester

    • A man-made material that can emulate natural products like cotton, silk, and linen, polyester is a very versatile fabric.
    • It’s strong, durable and retains color, and is easy to clean.

A well-priced alternative to more expensive options, polyester is also extremely kid- and pet-friendly and can be used for all kinds of furniture, including cushions, blinds, curtains and floor mats.


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