Choosing the right candle to suit your home décor can be quite overwhelming the first time around. Candles come in numerous shapes, colours, sizes, and fragrances, and you can really play around with them to create whatever effects you want!

Here are a few tips from IKEA on the different types of candles and what works best in what situation.

Tea lights

  • These familiar tiny candles come in a small metal container.
  • Since they are small, you have to use a number of them to give enough light.
  • Arrange them in small groups for better ambience or to create an intimate atmosphere.

Taper candles

  • Taper candles go beautifully with crystal and glass for a formal classy look.
  • Since they are usually tall and thin, using elegant candleholders or a classic candelabra with multiple sets of candles would enhance the classic look. IKEA has a great selection you can explore.
  • This look works best with formally laid tables and proper cutlery.
  • For a more intimate candlelight dinner, opt for a few taper candles in candleholders on a smaller table.

Candle jars

  • These are usually thick and come in bigger sizes in various colours and fragrances.
  • IKEA candles are available in jars, pots or glass containers, and are easy to maintain, because the wax does not spill over.
  • Candle jars usually come with their own lid, so you can close them when not in use.
  • Choose these if you’re going for a laid-back ambience or for a romantic glow.

Votive candles

  • Bigger in size than tea lights, votive candles are still rather small.
  • It is better if you use votive candles in a container so that you do not have to worry about it burning down.
  • These are great for all types of occasions as they do not give out smoke and yet burn for a long time.

Floating candles

  • These candles can be lit while floating on water, making them quite interesting.
  • Floating candles placed in big transparent bowls of water could make for a chic centrepiece on your dining table.
  • They can also provide a fairy-tale look if placed in your pool when you are having a party outside.

Flameless candles

  • Flameless candles are battery-powered lights resemble candles and come in various colours, shapes and sizes.
  • Most of them also come with flickering lights that resemble a real flame.
  • With these, there are no worries of wax spillage or burns, and yet, they assure you a great ambience.

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