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Coffee tables 101: Everything you need to know

Coffee Table - IKEA Qatar

While choosing furniture for your home, like a sofa or dining table, can be a time-consuming affair, coffee tables needn’t be. Whether you’re looking at big or small, rectangle or round, glass or wood, they’re not very expensive. You could even look at coffee tables that double up as storage space.

Either way, a coffee table is a must. What’s more, with IKEA’s stunning range, you just can’t go wrong. Here’s a low-down on the most common piece of furniture in every home.


The center of the room in front of the sofa is perfect, since both table and sofa work at complimenting each other. The coffee table can then also become a place where you can prop your feet up on or where you can crab a quick bite while watching TV.


The size of the coffee table depends on the size of your room and couch. Ideally, the table should be two-thirds of your sofa. This will ensure you have enough space to move and arrange other seating around it.

Larger rooms are perfect for rectangle or oval tables, which give the impression of space used well. Opt for round or square tables for smaller rooms to give the space a soft and cozy feeling.


Retro furniture is making a comeback when it comes to décor this year. Going back to classic colors is considered quite chic these days. Consider a mahogany brown or black table. You can also combine two tables of different sizes, shapes or colors for a creatively stylish look. Think black and copper, or brown and bold orange.


If you live in a small apartment, multi-tasking furniture is a boon. With space constraints, one should look for more storage space and cut back on unnecessary accessories.

So, a coffee table doesn’t just have to be a table to put drinks and dishes on. Why not use it for storage too? Get a table with storage boxes or a trunk which can be used as a table to serve both purposes. Also, consider getting nesting tables. A set of multiple tables that can be stored as one, these are a great space saver and double up as the prefect multi-utility option. With the variety of sizes, you can use each one for a different purpose.

At IKEA, we aim to provide a solution to every possible space woe and our nesting tables are just one of them.


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