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As the seasons change and summer holidays begin, it may be a nice idea to give your kids’ rooms a fresh new look. When decorating for children, you always need to keep their needs in mind first. It’s important to consider factors such as organisation, keeping things within their reach, colours and safe materials.

With those things in mind, here are some top IKEA tips to give your kids’ room that perfect summer look.

  1. A fun travel guide

    Summer fun for the kids and for you while you decorate: turn your kid’s rooms into a fun adventure!
    Paint the walls, purchase a decal or large poster of a world map and put it up where they can mark all the places they have been and dream of their travels to new ones!
    You may also want to give them smaller maps next to their beds. IKEA’s kids beds are categorised by age, so you can choose the appropriate size and build for your little ones.

  2. Amazing accessories

    If you are on a budget and looking to simply enhance your kid’s current room, a few bedroom accessories will help you achieve your goal.
    Colourful photo frames, wall art, quirkily shaped knobs for drawers and handles, a fun little mirror, colourful chairs, unique lampshades…the choices are endless!

  3. Summer safari

    Is that a bunk beds or a giraffe? Let your kid’s imagination wander this summer.
    Go for a safari-themed bedroom: choose animal prints and forest colours – orange, green and brown – to complete the theme.
    Animal or nature-themed prints on textiles can help you achieve a wholesome look. Choose from IKEA’s collection of printed animal duvets, curtains and much more.

  4. Toy Story

    Install a couple of IKEA shelves above your kid’s beds so that they can show off their favourite toys and collectables!
    This is a great way to keep their things organised and add some fun personality to their bedrooms.

  5. Remember: They grow so fast!

    Whenever you’re re-decorating or designing your kids rooms, especially in the summer, it’s important to remember that your little ones will grow quickly.
    IKEA’s top tip? Buy furniture that is flexible and modular. This allows for changes to be made more easily as your children grow. It will also save you time and money when it’s time for the next re-design.
    Another nice idea is to keep the same base layout or even the same wallpaper. Now, all you need to do is simply add to it over the years.


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