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How to Create the Perfect Beach-House Style Living Room

As we spend more time indoors than ever before, boredom sets in quickly. Why not give your living room a makeover to unleash all that pent-up energy? And bring in a little bit of the outdoors!

IKEA experts recommend going for a beach-house style makeover. It’s airy, it’s bright, and it has a certain sense of peace and calm. And, above all, it gives you those warm holiday feeling when stepping out may not be an option.

Here are five design ideas to bring the beach right into your living room in style:

Sandy palettes with blue touches

  • Sandy colour palettes with hints of blue instantly evoke the beach.
  • The golden sand and bright blue skies can be conjured up in a flash by painting your walls a warm golden hue and using blue upholstery or pillows on your furniture.
  • Limit the use of accessories to give the room an airy feel too.

Blue palettes with sandy elements

  • Or you could do the reverse – paint your walls a lovely light blue.
  • Then, mix and match the fabrics and colours of your furniture to reflect the sand and stones on the beach.
  • Add some shells and driftwood accessories and you will find yourself transported almost instantly to a beach!

All-white minimalism

  • Another effortless way to get the beach look going is to use an all-white theme.
  • Use minimal accessories, sleek furniture, and only the barest pops of blue.
  • This will create a very light and airy feel that will remind you of open sands and skies.
  • If there’s a way to let the outdoors in – by throwing open large windows or leaving the door ajar – it’s an added bonus.

Striped walls and wicker chairs

  • In the mood to really kick it up a notch? Give your living room a nautical air with a blue-and-white striped paint job.
  • Then, hanging up some decorative items and invest in some cane-coloured or white rattan chairs.
  • Just lie back and think of cool Mediterranean resorts.


  • If you cannot imagine your living room without a touch of glam, there are ways to make beachy look fab too.
  • Use mirrored coffee tables, accent lighting, oodles of metallic accessories, and a plush rug to really bring in the luxury factor.
  • There is no reason you can’t take part in the beach-inspired trend just because you have expensive tastes!

IKEA has many collections of affordable and beautifully designed furniture and accessories. Make sure to browse through those while picking out what you love!


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