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Ideas for Non Fireplace - IKEA Qatar

A key feature in most elegant rooms is a magnificent fireplace – but not everyone has the function on. But don’t worry: Got a fireplace that isn’t really a fireplace? Well, IKEA has some clever ideas for you that will help you liven it up. Read on!

  1. A Storage Space, but A Display Too

    Here is your chance to display all the fancy little trinkets you have with you! Put them on the mantelpiece or get a little shelving unit that fits the space of the fireplace. Decorate it with things you cherish and want to share with people who come to your home!

    Having the things you adore nearby makes the heart grow fonder, after all, and here at IKEA we believe in utilising every bit of space you have, especially when dealing with a limited area.

  2. Flowers Galore

    At IKEA, we love everything green and flowery, so it was only natural to bring you the idea of decorating your non-fireplace with a vase of flowers! You can pick from faux-flowers to real ones of whichever kind of flowers you like the most.

    As the seasons change, the flowers and the colours can be changed up to fit the ambience of the room. Blooms make everything a little bit more beautiful and this idea is bound to make the room look a bit more natural, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

  3. A Floor Gallery

    A quite different idea for you here, as art and photographs always tend to be hung up on walls. Place them on the floor in the fireplace, in clusters that are bound to get anyone’s attention when they walk in.

    Place them in the hearth and watch them work their magic, fostering great conversations and stories about your adventures. You can choose which pieces you want to display and how. We love photos and art, which is why we have an entire curated collection of photo frames for you to choose from.

  4. Logs

    They bring a festive feeling and they’re perfect for the holiday season and throughout the year as well, why not stack some logs in the hearth? They don’t have to be lit up – fake it till you make it, right?

    Logs are bound to bring a feeling of warmth and nature into your home, even if you live in the heart of the metropolis. Get lots of different sizes so you can stack them together to create a display that will work like a charm!


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