Creative ways to use photo frames

Photo Frame - IKEA Qatar

In the world of pretty little things, photo frames are an absolute must-have for every home. Whether on the walls or placed on tables, they are perfect for showcasing memories or as decoration or even as wall art.

You don’t have to go far: IKEA has a whole range of stylish picture frames in every size, color and shape.

More importantly, you don’t have to use them just for photos; there are many ways to use photo frames to decorate your house creatively.

Read on to know how!

Alternate uses

  • Use your old photo frames as a hand-mirror for bathrooms or dressing room.
  • Or you can use them as a tray to keep your nail enamel colors or cosmetic jewelry.
  • You can also use them as a vision board or a poster board to put down yearly goals visually.
  • It is fun, decorative and functional. Who says style and utility can’t work together?

Knock on it

  • Give your doors a quirky little makeover by use photo frames like a name plate for your kids’ rooms, instead of making them with stationary.
  • Hang one on the inside of your bathroom door with rules to follow or fun facts that will make someone smile.
  • You can also hang one on your front door with a funky welcome message.

Play on walls

  • Create a collage of photo frames with mixed sizes and shapes for your living room.
  • For a classic old-school look, go with a variety of black frames on white walls in squares and rectangles.
  • At IKEA, you can find photo frames of every size and color to make your walls look stylish.
  • Stay minimal with pastel colors or create a rustic feel with an over-sized copper frame which can have more than one picture.
  • Take your creativity up a notch by putting them on the ceiling and framing them with LED lights or spot lights.

Up and down memory lane

  • With the fast world of Snapchat and digital photos, one still cannot beat the beauty of picture frames on the walls.
  • Not only do they take you on a pleasant trip down memory lane, they help beautify spaces that not much else can be done with.
  • Customize your staircase walls by framing pictures from older to new ones as you go down the stairs.
  • It’ll be like time travel, symbolically if not literally!

Happy framing!


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