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How to Design an Alluring Living Room

living room for modern couples

Go black, Oh, Paris!, Rugs, Brass tacks, Go bohemian, Stay put!

We believe it’s the small things that make the difference, particularly when it comes to heightening and emphasizing what’s already there. So, the next time you want to do up your living room, think small and effective with IKEA’s endlessly stylish range of furniture products.

  1. Go black

    • A little dab of black can do wonders. It’s such a versatile color and won’t clash with anything.
    • Black also adds sophistication to any room. It always makes a statement, and a bold one at that.
    • Place a black cabinet, or black frames against a bowl of potpourri, or black living room furniture with a table lamp, etc.
  2. Oh, Paris!

    • Parisian style is known for its elegance and sophistication in everything from homes to food and clothes.
    • Add that charm to your house using a palette of white with pops of bright, contrasting colors like pink, orange or yellow.
    • Pair brightly colored paintings with white frames or white curtains with splashes of color.
    • Or go for vintage furniture, decorative items, silverware and a stand-alone piece of art or two.
  3. Rugs

    • Rugs define spaces and emotions, lending a sense of warmth and welcome.
    • Well-chosen rugs add to the aesthetics of any room. Choose from IKEA’s wide variety of patterned, flat woven, high-pile rugs and more.
  4. Brass tacks

    • Brass is a recent trend that caught on in 2017 and interior decorators are still raving about it. Don’t go overboard, though: use one item at a time.
    • Try brass ceiling lights or wall lamps to enhance corners and recessed spaces.
    • Use brass pots and standalone pieces to improve unused spaces.
  5. Go bohemian

    • A bohemian living room should be airy and spacious, with lots of colors – it should feel like a different world, a place of happiness and possibilities.
    • Try a boho patterned sofa or rug – not necessarily of a single color.
    • You can also make a collage of pictures in different colored frames and illuminate them with LED lights.
    • Create a simple bohemian look by placing multiple cushions of different sizes, colors and patterns on furniture or around the room.
  6. Stay put!

    • With all the accessorizing, remember not to go overboard.
    • At the end of the day, your living room should be a place of rest and enjoyment. Everything you add should complement the overall aesthetic.
  7. Lastly, remember: trying lots of different things may be chaotic. It’s always better to go with a single theme.


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