Don’t really need anything but want to buy everything? Here’s what you can do.

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Well, to begin with, you are not alone my dear! We all face this problem. In this era of instant gratification through online purchases and swiping of cards, it almost too easy to buy unnecessary things. We only regret later once we reach home. But fret not, there are a few tips that you can follow to curb this urge of buying everything available in the store!

Have a plan

Firstly, have a plan for shopping. For example, furniture shopping: take a walk around your house and scan through all the furniture. Then, make a quick note of items that need replacement, items that need to be moved around and lastly, items that need repair.

Then, when you have some time at hand, discard the items needing replacement in your home. Furthermore, for a new look of the room, move some furniture around, and finally repair old and chipped furniture. Now, if you want to add some new and modern furniture in your home, you will know what you need in your home and won’t splurge on unnecessary items.

Make a list and stick to it

Once you have discarded unnecessary items from your home, make a list of articles required. Be very precise in your list and do not buy anything apart from that list. Yes, you will feel the urge to buy that fancy grater or chopper; but once you are back home, it will just lie around collecting dust.

If you stick to your list of things to be purchased, then you will not burn a deep hole in your pocket.

Make a budget

Along with the list, make a budget for yourself and see to it that you don’t cross it. Maintaining a budget will help you save some more money in the long run.

Carry cash

This is an excellent idea not to buy everything under the sun. If you do not take your credit/debit cards and only carry cash, then you will only have to buy the things that are vitally necessary for your home at the moment.

The 24-hour rule

When you love something so much that you just want to pick it up without giving it a second thought, you buy the most unnecessary items, and more often than not, regret it once you come home. So, next time when you like something a lot, just gives you 24 hours to think about it. If you are still thinking about it the next day, then go and buy it.

But do not buy immediately. Give yourself some time to think about it. Remember impulsive shopping is a Big No No! There are many more things that you can do not to buy everything. Until then, we hope our tips help you in all your shopping endeavours. Until next time, happy shopping!


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