Easy DIYs That’ll Make You Feel Like You Just Redecorated Your Place

Easy DIYs that'll make you feel like you just redecorated your place - IKEA Qatar

When it comes to home décor, there is always scope for improvement. Even if you have done the most stylish interior decor, you always feel the need to spruce up one area or another. But it’s hard to make big changes with little time and resources. That is when ‘easy DIYs’ step in that make you feel like you just redecorated your place.

Here are some DIY ideas to give your home a makeover without wasting much of your time and money-

Clean and organize

Easy as it may sound, the first step is to clean your place thoroughly and organize and rearrange every item you own. Just by ticking off this first step off your list will give your home a brand-new look. Once you have neatly organized everything in your home, it is time to do some shopping around your home. Move around your house and see if a showpiece will look better somewhere else. Further, discard all those items that are broken, chipped or are looking dull.

Rearrange Furniture

Change the layout of a room and see how it looks. When furniture is constantly in one position, it becomes stagnant. You don’t have to buy new furniture to get a new look. Sometimes, just by rearranging it can give a makeover to your home.

Bring in some greenery

Adding greenery is one of the simplest ways to liven up space. You can get attractive and affordable pots and grow some maintenance-free plants at home, or you can get artificial ones like Fejka or Smycka ones and instantly spruce up your space. Greenery at home is a mood-lifter as well, so on those hard days, these new green members in your home will lighten you up.

Breathe life into walls

Get your artist streak out or ask your children to paint something for you and frame all their artwork in beautiful frames and place it on a blank wall. In fact, you can make this wall your family project and ask every family member to make something creative and frame it on this wall. It could be a painting or family hand print tree of all of you. You can choose some beautiful frames from the FRÖSAKULL or MARIETORP range of frames for this purpose.

Candles and candle holders

You can place candles or candles holders anywhere in your home, and there are sure to make a statement. So, add some candles on an empty mantle or shelf and let it brighten up that space.

Paper décor

 Summer has almost begun. Why not get some bright and colourful paper décor and liven up your space? You can surely keep a summer party after this. You can select from UDDIG and SPRUDLA collection of hanging décor and add a pop of colour to your place!

So, what better way to love your home than to dress it up beautifully now and then with the above mentioned quick and affordable methods, isn’t it?


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